Brother Davis and Brother Amartey at the Covington Square, Georgia, where the first Messiah crusade was held in March 2014.

BROTHER AMARTEY is an ordained minister, called, chosen and anointed to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Isaiah 61. He was "officially" ordained by the late Dr. Willard Fuller, Baptist preacher, theologian and scientist, at the Lively Stones Fellowship in Florida.

When the divine calling was first announced to him many years ago, Brother Amartey rejected it because he did not see himself as a preacher, but as a businessman, who just wanted to make money and enjoy his life and freedom. He did not want to be a preacher nor did he want to be part of any ministry. He was living a reckless life and felt that ministry was not for him, but God has His ways........!

When Brother Amartey set off from Africa to America to seek support for their ministry back home in Accra, Ghana, little did he know that God had other plans for him. He found himself going from place to place, seeking for that elusive support, to no avail. Finally, after seeking the Lord for His purpose and direction, he was burdened to pray for revival in America and across the world, after receiving inspiration from Ezekiel 22:30.

He began to proclaim revival in churches around the Covington area of Georgia and wherever he finds a speaking engagement. Soon the Lord began to stir up people to pray for revival, and a year later in January 2012, he was part of the inaugural meeting of One Cry, in Bartlett, Tennessee, where church leaders gathered to declare a spiritual emergency and the need for revival in America and across the world.

Brother Amartey encourages, stirs up and prepares the Lord's people in ways we could seek the Lord for revival. He is the founder and president of Revival Now America! and resides in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. He is also a member of National Association of Christian Ministers, U.S.A.

Many Christians don't know what to believe about the Christian faith because there are many different denominations and churches teaching different things. Consequently, The Doctrine of Christ is written with the ordinary people in mind, and covers essential Christian teachings according to the plain word of the Bible. It is devoid of denominational distinctives, theological assumptions, suppositions or biases, and amplifies the need for revival in our generation.

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